hardwood floor living room FargoWhat’s the best kind of hardwood flooring for Fargo homes? It turns out that this isn’t as simple a question as you might think. There are countless variables that affect the performance and looks of the floors in your home, and if you’re at the beginning of your search for the perfect hardwood, you might be wondering where to start.

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That’s where the experts at Floor Coverings International Fargo come in! We’ve put together a quick list of the three most important things to keep in mind as you select a new hardwood for installation in your Fargo home. And if you still have questions, contact us to learn more!


This is the first thing that most people think of when they’re choosing a new hardwood. And that makes sense—after all, beautiful hardwood is a true statement piece! When you’re considering color, keep in mind that most hardwoods can easily be stained in shades that range from rich chocolate and mahogany, to light grey and pale tan. There are some exceptions (Brazilian cherry, for instance, rarely appears in lighter hues), but for the most part, the species of wood won’t have to determine your color palette.

Grain Pattern

One of the reasons that Fargo homeowners love hardwood is because of its raw, natural look. From a design perspective, the variations in texture and pattern are one of the main benefits of this material. While red oak has set the standard for wood grain, there are countless options for people who want something a little bolder. Try the dramatic streaks of hickory, the understated wispiness of ash, or the remarkable “bird’s eye” maple for a look that will really make an impression.


Hardwood is strong—but some hardwoods are stronger than others. Make sure you ask about the Janka rating of each hardwood you’re interested in! Janka ratings are a measure of how much force a hardwood plank can withstand before being dented. While species like Brazilian cherry and hickory have relatively high ratings (2350 and 1820, respectively), you may want to steer clear of Douglas fir and longleaf pine (both well below 1000). Factors like furniture, pets, and kids can be big influences on this decision.

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Other Important Considerations

If you’ve made it this far, let’s add one more variable: what if you want a material that looks like hardwood, but offers other advantages that hardwood lacks? There are some great non-hardwood flooring options that will feel and look similar to the real thing: bamboo, laminate, engineered hardwood, LVT, and wood-look tile can all offer the same things in terms of appearance, while boasting superior durability, comfort, water resistance, or sustainability.

The pros at Floor Coverings International Fargo are always ready to help out! And with our convenient mobile showroom, we can bring an incredible selection of products straight to your front door. Our team serves the greater Fargo, West Fargo, Cass County area, so schedule a free consultation today!

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