plush carpet floor bedroom FargoCarpet flooring is perfect for Fargo homeowners because it insulates your home, opens up design possibilities, and feels more comfortable than any other material. But how do you know what style of carpet is right for your home and family?

That’s where the experts at Floor Coverings International Fargo can help! We want to share our knowledge and experience with our customers so that they can make the best decision for their homes. Read on to learn all about plush carpet!

What is Plush Carpet Flooring?

If you’ve never encountered this term before, don’t worry—you’ve definitely seen plush carpet before, even if you didn’t know the lingo. Plush is the stuff that probably pops into your mind whenever you hear the word “carpet”: it’s extremely soft, usually a single color, and it has a flat, uniform surface.

The fibers of a plush carpet are sheared during production, making plush a type of cut pile carpet (opposed to loop pile, where the tips of the fibers are looped around and secured into the backing). The resulting surface is extremely soft and comfortable, which is why you’ll likely find plush carpet in at least one room of every Fargo home.

Are Plush Carpet Floors Right for My Home?

Because it’s so versatile, the answer is most likely a solid “yes.” But before we jump to that conclusion, let’s look at some of the specifics that might influence your decision:

  • Material – Plush carpets can be made of synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, olefin, etc.) or natural fibers (e.g. wool), so you have plenty of options when it comes to cost, texture, and color.plush carpet floor Fargo
  • Appearance – Some people feel that plush conveys a formal feeling, but the truth is that it’s so neutral that you can work it into just about any aesthetic.
  • Suitable for Most Rooms – Plush is great for bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere else that comfort is important. While certain types of fibers are very resilient (meaning that they bounce back after being stepped on), plush does tend to show footprints and vacuum streaks.
  • Cleaning – Denser plush carpets will have some resistance to water, spills, and moistures, and some materials are highly resistant to stains (or can be treated to make them so). Still, plush may not be the best option if you know your household tends to get messy quickly.
  • Okay for Pets! – Unlike a loop pile carpet, pet claws won’t snag on this carpet. Just be sure to clean regularly so that hair, dander, and dirt don’t make their way into the backing and become VOCs (volatile organic compounds) since that could affect your air quality!

Transform Your Home with New Carpetplush carpet flooring stairs Fargo

Ready to reinvigorate your home with beautiful new carpet? Let the professional, friendly team at Floor Coverings International Fargo give you a hand! If you live in the greater Fargo, West Fargo, Cass County area, our mobile showroom can come right to your front door for a convenient, free consultation. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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