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When it comes to color, texture, and size, glass is one of the most versatile types of tile. This material is a popular addition to kitchen and bathroom backsplashes thanks to its myriad unique looks, but it also makes for a durable flooring choice in Fargo homes. Below, the experts explain what you can expect after installing glass tile in your home. Read on to find out if this material is right for you!

Glass Tile Style and Aesthetic

As a manmade material, glass is one of the more affordable and customizable tile choices. It is installed like any other type of tile, but the variety of styles it comes in is endless. You can find glass in any color imaginable, and it’s not uncommon for it to come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small square mosaics to large subway tiles.

What makes designing your glass tile floor or backsplash even more fun is choosing between the various finishes that glass comes in. Choices range from frosted to beveled to clear, with many textures in between. While many ceramic, porcelain, and even natural stones come with their own degree of design versatility, glass provides a unique opportunity to truly customize your tile look.

Maintaining Glass Tile

As with ceramic and porcelain tile, glass tile is easy to maintain. It does not require a special cleaner like natural stone does, although it is best to use a glass-friendly cleaner to avoid streaks or soapy buildup. Sweep your glass tile floors regularly to remove abrasive grit, and wipe down your glass backsplashes often to prevent buildup of splashes behind the kitchen or bathroom sink.

glass tile backsplash in Fargo

Glass Tile Durability

As with all other forms of tile, glass is incredibly durable and resistant to scratching and denting. These tiles are thick, so they will not easily crack like a glass dish might. Of course, the texture of your glass tile will determine its susceptibility to scratches. For example, polished tile is always more prone to showing scratches than honed tile. Keep this in mind when choosing where to install glass flooring in your home.

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