Shannon was very high and I really love our new floor
Courtney Schmidt
Nothing but professionals.
Karen Edwards
We are still cleaning all the dust left by contractors and finding more damage and are going to have to replace and paint all the baseboard as a lot was damaged when it was removed.
Mollie Deckman
Good products, Coming to the house with samples was a great service. Overseeing the installation was also reassuring, knowing that an expert could refine the installation
Deb Janzen
Great service. Shannon was detailed in explaining and adapting the products and services to our expectations.
Heidi Anderson
I had hoped that the installers would have cleaned up better after installation.
Susan & Charles Mauch
Love the product
Cheryl Kambeitz
Shannon was fantastic to work with. The process was easy, installation was done courteously and timely! I couldn't be happier with the product. I will absolutely recommend
Katie Kelsh
Kind, quick, efficient!
Brenda Onchuck
Shannon was very professional and very understanding even though we had delays from it being finished in a timely manner he made sure things were done right and I will recommend floor coverings International. Yes the gentleman that did the job did a great job my flooring started 3 days before a Sunday and before that Monday snow day so yeah it should have been done before that but it did drag-out but I am happy with the floors